Use and Care

Glazes are lead-free and safe in the dishwasher and microwave.

To bake in the oven: Place in cold oven (not preheated) and allow pot to heat up with the oven. This helps to avoid thermal shock, which can cause any handmade pottery to break.

Never use pottery over a direct flame or on a stove-top.

Refrigeration of your pottery is fine, but I do not recommend storing them in the freezer.

Although my pottery is very smooth on the bottom (thanks to double-sanding) remember that porcelain is harder than wood, and can possibly scratch.

Use a magic eraser to easily remove any staining that occurs on the bottom where the bare porcelain shows.

Regarding trivets with cork bottoms, cleaning should only be done with a damp cloth. Avoiding getting the cork wet or it will delaminate. Trivets are often unglazed tiles, so do not use as a serving plate for food, only to insulate surfaces by supporting hot dishes.